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Information Technology provides basic tools for the 21st century teachers, administrator and staff. On this 21st century, education and stress seem to go hand in hand so good ICT tools are needed to deal with stress in education. The following programs are guaranted to reduce teachers' and administrators' workloads. These programs are available for FREE.

pen-pen is a web-based (online) grading system designed for Public and Private schools in the Philippines with K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. pen-pen is a FREE program developed by the ICT Unit of Department of Education, General Santos City Division last 2016.

pen-pen is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All teachers can access the program 24/7 anytime and anywhere using their mobile phones, laptops, desktops or tablets. No installation needed. All they have to do is access the system directly from their browser (mozilla, opera, internet explorer, google chrome, etc).

What is the purpose of pen-pen?
pen-pen conveys valued principles anchored in the Department of Education Order (DO) Number 4, series of 2014. The program is upgraded continually to ensure that it will always aligned with the principle of DO Number 11, series of 2018 that highlights ACCOUNTABILITY, ACCURACY and RELIABILITY of data, and efficiency. It was created to reduce the time and effort of teachers in the making of students grades.

What are the reports generated from pen-pen?
  • Total actual number of male and female students (population summary)
  • Actual teaching loads
  • Actual number of male and female teachers
  • Consolidated report for the advisers
  • centralized students' report card
  • centralized SF10
  • cohorts
  • PHIL-IRI (reading for FIL and English) new
  • academic performance per section per grade level
  • total academic performance of the entire School
  • total academic performance of the entire District
  • total academic performance of the entire Division
  • centralized division enrolment quick count
  • list of honor students per quarter (classroom awards, with honors, with high honors and with highest honors)
  • final honors (at the end of the year)
  • students' general average (very useful for LIS encoding)
Online guides are available to help you on how to use and implement pen-pen in your school. Visit pen-pen online guide at

Centralized Schools MOOE System This is a web-based mooe monitoring tool for all public elementary and secondary schools. By using this tool, all the reports of the mooe utilization of all public schools are monitored in the division office.

All school are able to see through their main dashboard the downloaded fund from the division office anywhere and anytime of the day where internet connection is available.

A monthly disbursement report is automatically generated based on the individual encoded expenses.

The total expenditures are categorized based on the chart of accounts of the government accounting manual or GUM.

Each school is able to monitor also the percentage utilization for each account and provide them with instant analysis on how they would adjust to their monthly expenses.

In the division office, the accounting section is able to preview the total disbursements of every school as well as the total disbursements of all public schools. The monthly liquidation status of each school is recorded based on the date difference of the date release of funds and the date of liquidation.

The program provides a report with a list of schools with color indicator showing if a particular school has prompt liquidation status, delayed, extremely delayed and unliquidated status of their monthly MOOE.
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